These are the links to the BTC niche sites. Pipeliner is sales training for the IT industry; Speakermedica is speaker training for the pharmaceutical sector; Leadership DC is all about the development center approach and how to implement it: - so focussed mainly on HR people.


Pipeliner Sales



This is the homepage of Tim Birdsall. Tim is a freelance trainer for “soft skills” topics, based in Vienna, working mainly in Europe for the multinational community.
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The purpose of this site is to

  • List the "off the shelf" programmes that BTC has done repeatedly in different formats over the years
  • To link to the other BTC brands
  • To archive some of Tim’s more intensively used training materials.


The seminars and workshops described here are listed to give you an overview of what we can offer, and to demonstrate the ideas and concepts with which BTC works.