Dealing with customer complaints on the phone and email


  • Clients (international and local) have a problem with the software or discover a bug in the system and call through to have it resolved.
  • Support staff can general not solve the problem on the spot. Problem resolution take 3-5 more interactions (call or mail) and sometimes it is necessary to escalate the problem to the developers in the US, and hand the topic over to them.
  • Customers general have more subject matter expertise than the support function. (Customers are immerses in the business end of the software capabilities



  • Customers get impatient, emotional, and sometimes threatening.
  • Support staff need to be extremely positive minded to do the job, which is essentially all about dealing with problems
  • Bad service can lead to customers being very upset with the software (and the support they receive) which can lead in customers leaving



  • Collect the data which enables us to analyse “a good response” and “a bad response”. This should be done by either recording the calls, or the support staff writing down the initial statements of the call and what language was used. In addition to this, a collection of emails would be useful as well.
  • Run a 2 day programme to work through the process of dealing with a customer complaint effectively
  • Build in a simple tracking process, which gives the support heads the possibility to see what has changed, and discuss the changes with their people.


Bigger picture:

Retention and fluctuation. The support staff must be very valuable in the knowledge that they have, and their position must be an obvious pool of potential talent for other areas of the organisation, purely from a knowledge perspective.

Its possible that there has been an escalation in the number of complaints, or that a number of key support staff have recently left Motivation.

I am assuming the seminar will also be a motivation tool to make people feel good about what they are doing and how they are doing it.

  • What makes a good opening?
  •  Customer’s emotional state of mind
  • How to placate an expert
  • How to deal with an emotional complaint
  • Listening skills, and question asking techniques. Objection handling


Without going into specifics:




A good opening

Mail purpose, topic and goal


Diffusing tension


Customer oriented mind set

Objection handling

Sentences to avoid

Knowledge generation

Asking questions

Professional “project” tool for mails


Professional handover

Next steps paragraph


Timing: too long too short







€1500 per day excl vat.

Date options:

17-19 December 2014 (duration 2 days)