Principled Negotiating

Overview & Objectives

The Principled Negotiating Program will increase your confidence and effectiveness in negotiating.

We combine principled negotiating, developed by the Harvard Project on Negotiation, with structured negotiating, which facilitates and enhances the efficiency of the negotiation process.

By increasing your awareness of the process and the best possible action at each stage, and by preparing systematically and applying the right negotiation rules, you will learn to achieve far better results while at the same time maintaining high ethical and professional standards.

Principled Negotiating

Program Focus

  • The “red line” in this seminar is the different phases of the negotiation.  We do an overview early in the seminar and then go into detail over the course of the 3 days.
  • The participants use a simple psychometric tool to give them an idea of their negotiating style. This is done as a pre-work exercise via e-mail.
  • One of the key modules and concepts looks at the difference of positional bargaining vs. principled negotiation, which leads to focusing on the problem and not the people.
  • Other key concepts include Interests vs. positions, relevant standards, strategies and tactics, options and alternatives.
  • During the seminar, participants use a set of planning tools that they can then implement in the workplace.
  • Participants will practice their negotiations in teams of 3 people. We use a rigorous filming and video technique that enables us to give live feedback to the observers, and retrospective peer to peer feedback from the observers to the negotiating teams.

Training Method

  • Trainer presentations, explanation and theory
  • Negotiation case studies
  • Detailed analysis of the negotiation process with video feedback

Target Group

  • People who engage in business negotiations
  • People who negotiate with internal departments

Program Language

3 days